An Opportunity to Prepare for the Worst
It's impossible to prepare for the majority of crises could occur in our lives. Even if we could prepare for them all, there are so many things that could happen that we'd be constantly busy "preparing" and not living our lives!

However, we do live in a vehicle-dependent society and spend a large amount of time in cars and trucks. If you're offered the chance to learn how to prevent a potentially fatal accident, wouldn't you want to take that opportunity?

Learning how to react when your vehicle is out of control or when you're driving in hazardous conditions is something you should not pass up.

What You'll Get Out of Our Driving Courses
You may already know this, but your vehicle insurance provider may offer a lower vehicle insurance rate for each driver that takes our Skid Avoidance Defensive Driving Course. That could be hundreds of dollars back in your budget simply for attending an interactive and engaging four-hour course!

Besides that potential boon, there are less tangible benefits to consider…

Stop Worrying Over Road Conditions

If you get anxious over the next day's winter weather report and dread driving in winter weather, there's a way to alleviate that kind of distress. Take the Skid Avoidance Defensive Driving Course, and stop worrying about road conditions.

The boost of confidence and assurance you'll feel, knowing that you can prevent a spin-out and keep the car on the road, is something that has to be earned, but once you experience it, no one can take that away from you.

Arm Your Teen Driver with Knowledge and Preparation

Although you'll never stop worrying as a parent, having your teenage driver take the Skid Avoidance Defensive Driving Course provides you the assurance that you have given them the means to avoid a potentially fatal accident. That's a priceless gift.

Avoiding Multiple Major Pains in Your Life

Consider the disruption that a major car accident can bring into your life. Simply by being prepared for the worst that your vehicle can dish out, you can avoid these difficulties:

  • Serious or total damage to your vehicle
  • Time off work to recover from injuries
  • Time spent dealing with car repair, insurance, and legal issues
  • Cost involved in repairing a vehicle or legal repercussions
  • Possible long-term pain or permanent injury

What to Expect from Our Driving Courses

Our Skid Avoidance Driving Courses for families, corporate/fleet drivers, and Class B CDL drivers has been customized to fit the needs of a specific type of driver. We even have a special "aftermath" course for those who've experienced a car accident and need to address the doubts and anxiety associated with getting behind the wheel again.

Our courses cover the following material:

  • Accident avoidance
  • Basic and critical breaking
  • Defensive driving
  • Driving effectively with ABS (anti-lock braking system), ESC (electronic stability control), and other current drive control aids
  • Low-speed and high-speed dynamics
  • Maneuvering and critical braking
  • Objective distracted driver exercises
  • Optical targeting
  • Skid avoidance
  • Skid control and recovery
  • Stable platform concepts
  • Use of sight exercises
  • … and more!

After speaking with you, we can adjust the classroom material as necessary to cover special topics or place emphasis on certain areas. We also can provide team-building, workshops, and other customized classes to fit your specific needs.

For more information, see our specific courses: Family Course, Aftermath Course, Corporate/Commercial Fleet Course, and Class B CDL Course.

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