This is not dangerous at all. The driving coach can make real-time changes to the vehicle's traction at any moment.


The controlled skid training begins with the student driving at a very low speed (5 - 10 mph). As the training progresses and the driver gains skill and confidence, the coach can gradually increase speed.

The beauty of the skid avoidance defensive driving course is that we can train drivers throughout the seasons on dry or wet pavement.

About one hour is spent in the classroom, with the remaining time behind the wheel. For group or family training behind the wheel, participants are in the car, with one student behind the wheel and the others observing. We rotate through each student in three-minute increments for each lesson point.

Although we think it's a great idea for parents to participate in their teen's skid avoidance and defensive driving, it is possible to drop off your teen for training after you sign a liability waiver. However, we strongly recommend that parents stay for the initial classroom portion to receive highly instructive information. Note that the teen must already have obtained his/her driver's permit in order to receive training.

An idea training pad would be at least 300 feet x 300 feet. The area needs to be smooth and free of any potholes, dividers, speedbumps, or any other pavement protrusion. Note that parking lot lights are fine, as we can work around them.

When a vehicle begins to go out of control, the driver has the instinctive reaction to take control. What usually ends up happening is the driver works against the vehicle's corrective action and ends up in a crash. First Gear teaches you how to override the instinct to take over. You'll learn how to work with the vehicle so it can correct the problem.

We've heard back from many of our students that they did receive a lower vehicle insurance rate after providing proof of taking the Skid Avoidance Defensive Driving Course. This can be quite significant if you have to ensure a family of drivers or fleet of drivers. Of course, your insurance carrier may have different underwriting rules, so you'll need to check with them.

This just isn't possible, as it takes a significant amount of time and effort to calibrate the SkidCar equipment and software for a particular vehicle.

You can go to the signup and scheduling page to enter your information. After that, the website will direct you to the online payment page.

We can come to your location with the SkidCar, though for traveling to you we do have certain minimum class size requirements. Please contact us for more information.

First Gear has an affiliation with the Commercial Vehicle Training Center in Watkins, Colorado, who can provide the training necessary for you to take your Class B driving skill test.

We sure can! We recommend that the person responsible for the overall training (such as the manager) takes our Family Drive course with us. Then we can sit down and discuss what things you want to add to or change about the course. For more information, you can contact First Gear to discuss it or go ahead and schedule a class.

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