How Companies Can Save Money With Defensive Driving Training

If you don’t think defensive driving is worthwhile, just consider the statistics which tell us that every year over four million people are injured in automobile accidents, including upwards of 40,000 fatalities. By learning good defensive driving techniques, you can save time and money by reducing the number of collisions that occur on roadways, and this can be a huge advantage to your company, in terms of time lost by employees.

Just learning some simple techniques to recognize how poor weather can influence road conditions might be critical in preventing accidents from ever occurring. When you establish a defensive driving training program for your employees, it can not only increase the safety level for your employees, but it can avoid all kinds of costly lost time for employees involved in accidents.

What Defensive Driving Techniques they might Learn?

You might be surprised to learn that more than 90% of all vehicle accidents are caused by errors made by one or both drivers. The US Department of Transportation confirms this statistic, and that’s why it recommends that you learn defensive driving techniques to protect yourself and to avoid roadway mishaps. It’s always a good idea to be aware of the traffic situation as far ahead of you as possible and to check your mirrors frequently to be aware of what’s occurring around you.

Try to keep some distance between yourself and drivers who are being aggressive on the road, or who are weaving in and out of traffic. Always be aware of traffic that might be hidden in your blind spot, and by the same token, make sure other drivers can see you as well. Don’t allow any distractions to impact your driving, for instance eating, texting, combing your hair, etc.

You should never allow road rage to creep into your mindset as you’re driving because that’s when mistakes are made. You’re always much better off to be as calm and positive as possible when driving on roadways. One last tip is to constantly have an escape route in mind, if the driver in front of you suddenly hits their brakes, or if some vehicle happens to drift into your lane.

What your Employees will Learn in our Program

There’s a great deal of information that can be obtained in our defensive driving course, and it will always be tailored to your local laws and regulations, so it can be extremely valuable for your employees. It will also allow your employees to save money on their auto insurance and to enhance their defense defensive driving skills, so it’s certainly worth their while to go through the course.

Most types of defensive driving courses provide information such as statistics on traffic collisions, so you can be aware of driving behaviors on the road. You might also learn how to overcome psychological issues such as anxiety, road rage, and even drowsiness while operating a vehicle. Our courses offer recommendations on how to improve your attitude and your focus, so you can have greater awareness when driving.

Generally included in these courses will be a heavy emphasis on how drugs and alcohol can impair your motor skills and your driving judgment. You’ll probably also learn about your state laws relative to alcohol level in the bloodstream, and what the legal implications are, should you be found guilty of driving under the influence of alcohol. Our courses provide practical information on how safety equipment can help save your life, and why you should make the best use of seatbelts, headrests, and airbags.

You’ll probably also learn how the severity of any traffic accident is affected by the size of your vehicle, the point of impact, and the speed you’re traveling at. Finally, you’ll probably get good exposure to many of the traffic laws in effect in your state, some of which you may not even have been aware of.

Why you should Set Up a Program for your Company

There are several very good reasons why it would be to your advantage to establish a defensive driving program for your company and to encourage as many of your employees as possible to take the course. First of all, employees will benefit by decreasing the cost of their car insurance by as much as 10%. Over the course of a year’s worth of payment premiums, this can amount to significant savings and one which is well worthwhile for your employees.

Your employees will also be able to have points and fines removed from their licenses when they go through a defensive driving course. Any person who accumulates an excessive amount of points against their license will be subject to having their license suspended. If that happens, just think of the money you’ll have to pay for some other means of transportation, for instance taking cabs or buses. By having a defensive driving course, they’ll be able to eliminate points and fines from their records, avoiding the danger point on a license suspension.

If they weren’t aware of safe driving techniques before, they will learn many new ones during the course of a defensive driving program. No matter which state you might be driving in, there will always be road hazards everyone needs to be aware of, and a defensive driving course will make your employees much more aware of these. They’ll become proactive drivers rather than reactive because they will be training to be more alert to potential traffic situations as they’re driving.

It will also help to control their emotions while driving because they’ll learn self-control techniques as well as minimizing any departure from a calm state of mind. In short, they will simply become much better drivers by going through our defensive driving program. Almost everyone can stand to improve on their driving techniques, and even though they can’t control what happens around them, they can be much better prepared for it. That’s what going through a defensive driving program will do for you and your employees, and it’s one of the best reasons for you to invest in one.

April 13, 2022
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