How Skid Simulation Can Help You Be A Better Driver

Most driver training is conducted on bright, sunny, days on dry pavement. Therefore it’s not surprising that when drivers encounter inclement weather and wet, slick, roads and their vehicles begin to skid, they don’t know what to do. They end up getting into accidents that lead to injury and death. There is a very effective way to help people become better drivers able to handle dark slick roads caused by rain, snow, and wind and it’s through the use of skid simulation software. Using this type of technology, drivers can safely be taught what to expect when roads are slippery and how to respond.


This Technology Can Help Anyone


Whether you are a teenager just learning how to drive, or a police officer, firefighter or EMS technicians who often have to respond to emergency calls on slick, wet, ice, or snow-covered roads, anyone can benefit from learning what to do if their vehicle skids on a wet road. Using simulators is a safe, effective, way to teach people what they should do if the vehicle they are driving begins to skid.

The technology provides accurate information and proper training on handling a skidding vehicle that can help drivers respond better to unexpected skidding. When untrained drivers go into a skid, most of them tend to panic and crash.


A Valuable Tool


Skid simulators used in conjunction with training, instruction, guidance, and advice from a knowledgeable, experienced instructor is a valuable tool. It can let drivers experience being behind the wheel of a skidding vehicle in a safe environment. The simulators can let drivers see what it looks and feels like for the vehicle that they are driving to skid to the left or the right or spin completely around.

The instructor can monitor the driver’s reactions and tell and show them the proper action to take. Using skid simulators with the guidance of an instructor can prepare drivers to handle better this dangerous situation.


Skid Simulation Training Can Prevent Accidents


Instead of panicking and crashing into a roadway median, a vehicle, or a pedestrian when the vehicle they are driving begins to skid, people trained on skid simulations are more likely to take the appropriate action. While they may be caught off-guard for a second or two, their training will ensure they have the skills and techniques necessary to maintain control of their vehicle.

These skills can enhance the safety of the occupants of the skidding vehicle and the people, objects, and vehicles around them, and the training can sharpen people’s instincts and prevent countless accidents.


Driver Training Best Practices


Using software that simulates skids is one of the emerging driver training best practices. Traditional driver training means studying the rules of the road, passing a written test, and spending a few hours with a driving instructor learning to drive on the road and deal with moving vehicles. But it does not prepare drivers for handling their vehicles in inclement weather and tricky terrain. Skid simulations is a driver training best practice that better prepares drivers for one of the trickiest, most dangerous, situations in which they may find themselves. Everyone should do it.


Learning To Remain Calm And Think Clearly


Using simulations to teaching drivers to maintain control of their vehicle should it go into a skid that can help them become better drivers. Learning to remain calm and think clearly when they are in stressful situations while driving is another way driving on a simulator improves driving skills. With the simulations, drivers can face different skid scenarios, attempt to drive through them, crash over and over, and also practice the proper skid control techniques until they learn exactly what to do if their car starts skidding. All of this while safely sitting in a classroom.


Two Key Skid Simulation Lessons


One of the most important lessons drivers learn from training using skid simulations is skid prevention. That includes not driving too fast for road and weather conditions, not weaving in and out of traffic on wet roads, or making sharp turns. The second way of training with skid simulations can help drivers learn skid control is by helping them understand how to quickly, easily, and safely maneuver the steering wheel and drive out of trouble when things go wrong.

Mastering these two skills goes a long way towards improving the driving experience of anyone and helps make them better and safer drivers.


Refining The Necessary Driving Skills


The goal of using driving simulations is not to replace in-car driver training. The skid simulations are designed to supplement in-car training and help people to refine the necessary driving skills. Even commercial truck drivers can benefit from using skid simulations as well. They drive lots of miles in inclement weather all year round. Training on the simulators can help to prepare them to handle dangerous skids with heavy vehicles. Practicing with skid simulation can improve their decision making behind the wheel and help them safely navigate those often treacherous roadways.


A Wise Investment


The important benefits skid training and practice provide for drivers of all ages make it a wise investment, especially for commercial and emergency drivers. Each year skidding is determined to be the cause of more than two billion dollars in accident losses nationwide. This should be a big enough motivation for private and public companies, commercial and emergency drivers to invest the time and money to improve their chances of avoiding being involved in a skidding-related accident. Drivers mastering skid prevention and control make interstate highways and local streets safer.


Effective Skid Training


A growing amount of data shows the effective use of skid simulations that are valid representations of how vehicles skid is a safe, convenient, and low-cost method for improving driver training. It can help to prepare new drivers, emergency personnel, drivers of commercial vehicles, and private citizens to deal with the slick and slippery hazardous conditions they may encounter while on the road. Exposure to and experience with skid simulations will help to make them better, safer, more aware, and well-prepared drivers.

April 13, 2022
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